The latest detailed guidance from the MCCY on attendance of religious services until end of this latest “Stabilisation” phase (October 24) include:

  • Strongly discouraging seniors above 60 years old from attending all services and meetings physically
  • Encouraging an ART for all helpers, worship leaders, before attending service.

In light of this, the Council has decided that we will delay the resumption of the of physical services and continue with digital services until October 24, or such time the Government may review and change their measures.
Please continue to pray for the following during this period:

  • For the overall COVID-19 situation
  • For the protection of our senior members and those who are sick
  • For our younger members who have children in primary school who are home learning, as well as with infants
  • For wisdom for our leadership (both country and BKC) as we monitor developments and address the challenges/changes