Care Group

Why should I join?

Attending main services is fine. But beyond the initial hi and bye, you may feel a lack of connection with the wider congregation. A care group (CG) is like your extended family. Here is where you know people more closely, and are known. It is a safe place to share your joys and sorrows more openly. The relationships forged over time bind you together in God’s love and to the church community. 

The CG is where you can ask questions, be accountable to each other and “stir up one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24). As God changes you through His Word by His Holy Spirit, you are transformed to be more like the Lord Jesus Christ, whom you serve — loving Him more deeply and reaching those in your spheres of influence. And when you have matured, the Lord may lead you to start your own CG, making disciples of others.


How often and where?

The make-up of each CG varies: teenagers, young families, working adults and seniors — or mixed profiles. Some CGs meet bi-weekly, some monthly. Others meet weekly. It depends on the groups’ schedules and stage of life. Commitment is desired but your attendance is not cast in stone: talk it out with your CG leader.

As to the venue, it’s usually in the leader’s home or members may choose to open up their homes in rotation. Makan is usually a thing after Bible study and prayer. Some CGs prefer to meet in church.