Dear BKC-ians

Thank our Lord God for keeping BKC safe thus far. Singapore is now under Phase 2. Let me update on where we are at.

Congregational worship 
Only 50 people are allowed in congregational worship. Services are to be kept as brief as possible — no mingling before or after. Social distancing of at least 1m is compulsory. Also, worshippers must wear masks at all times and no singing is allowed. In the abundance of caution, we understand why these and other measures are necessary to limit the spread of the virus even as Singapore opens up businesses and spaces. Given this backdrop, BKC will continue with Zoom worship services until further notice. 

Ministry meetings
Those who wish to meet in church, whether for care groups or ministries, bear in mind that you must observe all the precautionary measures that the Health Ministry has spelt out. Ministry leaders, please work closely with the church office on the safety management plan for your respective ministries if you decide to restart meetings on church premises. Please email our with details of: purpose of meeting, number of people, and the date and time of your meeting(s) in church.

Despite the physical limitations, we thank God that we continue to remember our Lord Jesus Christ over Zoom each Sunday. In fact, we have even resumed our corporate prayer meetings (from 28 June), with groups of four or five praying in breakout rooms. But we continue to ask God to protect all our members and lead the charge in making a vaccine available. So that we, the church, can all meet in sweet fellowship in God’s house at BKC once more.

Blessings, Teng Cheong