Preparing the ground for God's work in Bethesda (Katong) Church

Two farmers experienced drough in their land. Both prayed to God for rain. One of them also went out to prepare the ground, sofening the soil, pulling out weeds, planting seeds in various plots of land. All this while waiting for God to answer. Who trusted God more?

In like manner, believers in BKC should trust God more, by preparing the people, premises and programmes to receive God's blessings of His favour, a fruitful crop of Christlikeness, a harvest of souls.

As part of preparing the ground, BKC is steping up to build a new annex. The proposed building will have space for the current ministries from English, Peranakan and Mandarin congregations, for training, fellowship and prayer. It will create new opportunities for service to the residents in the neighbourhood. It will be a beacon of God's light, love and lofe at this corner of Katong and Dunman Road.

Let us pray fervently for good progress of this building, for favour from the authorities, for a wise choice of contractor, for a safe and smooth construction.

As we live our lives in 2013, let us work on building our love for God, giving practical help to people, inviting them to consider the life of the Lord Jesus, and maturing beleivers in Christ.

Artist's impression of BKC

Artist's impression of Bethesda (Katong) Church - worship hall and annexe block.
The artist’s impression is a proposal, pending approvals from relevant agencies.

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