Kindergarten Sunday School


  1. Gospel Light curriculum
    This resource provides bible stories, games, activities, artwork, worksheets etc.

  2. Character Study
    This program’s main focus is to teach the children 8 key basic godly characters which are Obedience, Attentiveness, Generosity and Truthfulness, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Responsibility and Self-control. Using nature story and bible stories, together with craft work, the students will learn these godly characteristics.

  3. All children from Nursery to K2 will be encouraged to memorize bible verses. In a year the children will be taught 6 verses. Memory work is done through songs and games especially through the Character series program.

  4. Mission awareness will be presented through videos on mission trips and various relevant activities are conducted. Children will be introduced to the purpose of mission and to their role in mission e.g. through giving to missions – their toys, clothes or writing to missionaries etc. This may be done during the mission month in July/August or in December – Christmas gifts to needy children.

  5. Other activities

  • Easter – learn about death and resurrection of Jesus – through skit or video

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day – appreciation to parents with special craftwork

  • Family Nights – children’s active participation through presentation of songs or bible verses

  • Children’s Day – a day of play and fun

  • Teachers’ Day – appreciation to teachers with special craftwork (taken by parent volunteers)

  • Prayer meeting –Prayer meeting dedicated to KSS

  • Christmas – children to put up a musical/play, as an outreach to friends and family members

The Kindergarten Sunday School is specially organized for children from ages 3 to 6 years old.

Our weekly program is on Sunday 9.30-10.45am.

Our mission is to “Teach pre-school children about God”.

Our Aims: 

  1. Teach the Bible

  2. Encourage the children to keep God’s word in their heart

  3. Build and cultivate godly character in the children
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