Care Groups

Care Group Coordinating Committee (CGCC)

Robert Chua, Lim Huey Sheng, Margaret Tio, Vincent Chua

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What is a Care Group?

In BKC, we encourage our congregation to be in a small group that will provide the environment for each person to relate with other Christians in our journey of faith. We call this group a Care Group.

What is the purpose of a Care Group?

Even when we attend church regularly, it is impossible to share with others our joys, our blessings, our burdens and our prayer requests. Only in a small group environment can we feel ‘safe and secure’ to not only share the Word of God together, but we also share our lives with each other. The relationships with each other built over time will provide us a safe platform for each of us to journey together. As God changes us through His Word and His Holy Spirit, we are being transformed into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are therefore much encouraged to join such a group.

Who is in a Care Group? Who should join?

Our Care Groups are generally age-specific to meet the needs of the members. So whatever stage of life you are in, there are groups that you can join. Some comprise couples and young families, other are older families, or young adults, and even the teenagers. If you know someone in the group, you will feel more comfortable to join it. But even if you are new, the members will make you feel welcome.

Which group should I join?
There are currently about 20 Care Groups, so you can come and meet the CG co-ordinator who will introduce you to a suitable Care Group. Just contact the Church Office for more details.

What do they do in a Care Group? 

The members of the Care Group meet together with the intention of becoming disciples of Jesus, so we study the Bible together, encourage each other, and pray for one another to grow in our Christian walk, from being spiritual infants to spiritually mature disciples. It is our hope and prayer that new groups will spin off and multiply.


Isaiah Group

Jacob Group

Jeremiah Group

Joshua Group

Nehemiah Group

Paul Group

Samuel Group


When do the Care Groups meet?

Ideally, Care Groups may meet weekly, or on alternate weeks, or monthly. The Care Group may meet for a couple of hours on a weekday night, or on a weekend.

Where do the Care Groups meet?

Care Groups usually gather in the home of a member. Some Care Groups may meet at the Church premises.

Why should I join a Care Group?

You grow to be Christ’s disciple in a Care Group relational environment. The Lord Jesus wants all of us to know and love Him deeply, and to reflect Him authentically, wherever He has placed us, whether it is in the home, the school or the work place.

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